Serena Kay

I came into SACH thinking that I would be giving to the children, but I didn’t realize how much they would give me. A couple days after Kaddija, a bright, beautiful, 12-year old girl from Gambia, arrived at the house I noticed she had brought some textbooks from home with her. I picked up the social studies textbook and was surprised at the complexity of the English! I was even more amazed as Kaddija picked up the book and started reading perfectly. We spent the rest of the day reading the rest of the book together, and as Kaddija taught me all about Gambia and herself I caught a small glimpse into this young girl’s life. Kaddija has an older sister who has recently gotten married and two older brothers. She speaks 3 languages and one day hopes to become a doctor. The next day Kaddija went to the hospital to undergo lifesaving surgery so she can rejoin her family as a healthy young girl and eventually fulfill her big dreams.


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