Aleeza Freedman

My second week at the SACH house was an absolutely amazing one filled with lots of learning and fun! The week started off by welcoming some children back into the SACH house after returning from having recently had their surgeries at Wolfson Medical Center. Alexandra, a precious 6 month old baby from Romania, is certainly happy to be back, as is her friend Naomi who returned and was ready to begin working on some arts & crafts projects immediately when she stepped back into the house. This week, I taught the children how to design and create their very own costume masks, peacock paper fans, and caterpillar figurines. The week was packed with some visitor groups who had a blast getting to know the children and played some cool games with them, like Jenga, puzzles, matching games, and coloring worksheets. I also discovered that the children love to do educational activities like working on math problems and word search puzzles, so this week, I made sure to create some new math problem worksheets for them and found many great educational resources for them to complete. Of course, we also continued our fun daily dance parties, including choreographed dances to the Cha Cha Slide, Cotton Eye Joe, Dr. Jones and Macarena. After a full day of fun, we winded down in the evenings by watching some of their favorite new flicks which included The Karate Kid and The Tom and Jerry movie.

It’s hard to believe that my time in the SACH house as a full time volunteer is coming to an end. One of the highlights of the week for me was getting the opportunity to take 15 year old Antony shopping for some new clothes with the generous support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation before he returned on a flight back to Zambia. I can’t even describe how happy and honored I felt to see his eyes light up as he picked out a brand new pair of bright green running shoes and a bunch of new cool t-shirts and pants that he couldn’t wait to wear and show his friends. Watching the children return from the hospital feeling healthier and happier this week and waving goodbye to Antony as he smiled back at me, excited to head back home to Zambia, made me once again realize what a special organization SACH is. I am so fortunate to have gotten this opportunity to meet these children and their mothers, and be part of their recovery journey as their hearts are mended and lives changed for the better.


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