Boris Lemor

We, as humans, are in constant search of meaning and purpose. We try – throughout life – to understand the forces that lead our behavior, and the consequences of this behavior. Predominantly, we want to comprehend why are we inclined to conduct ourselves in some particular manner and for what/whom are we doing it.

While interacting with the world (socially or individually), our attention distinctively gathers all of its strength and focuses merely on changes happening within us, instead of prioritizing or even taking into account the impact we have in others. So I ask myself – we ask ourselves: Are we being selfish? Are we doing it intentionally? Is there a way to put others before me/us, without putting my/our own feelings first?

Personally, I do not know the answer to the first two questions. However, my first month as a Therapy Intern at SACH has given me enough insight to be able to proudly answer the last question.

My experience at SACH has been overwhelming. I never expected how much one can give to others with so little. I would have never imagined that a simple smile, laugh or hug could have such a major impact on another self, a self that is different than my own. I have learned that giving to others goes beyond my feelings and necessities. It is all focused on making these kids lives – moment-by-moment – less complicated and stressful, by distancing them from the worry that has owned their minds and bodies, which will not stop haunting them, as it becomes their only known feeling; a transitory feeling that wont fade away. No child should ever be left alone fighting these feelings, because a burden such as this, no child should ever possess.

That is why – we – should have only one purpose, duty, or better said, obligation: to give them the opportunity to have a normal life, to be kids, to feel like kids and to forget about everything else, which has no place in a child’s existence.

What have I learned at SACH? I have learned that giving is the most precious thing human beings own. We should never take it for granted; we should cherish every opportunity we have of giving, and most importantly, we should understand that it is not about us; it has never been about us… It will always be about them.


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