Rachael Wolfe

I’ve been in the house for about a week. The experiences that I have gained over the week has been amazing and surreal. To be honest there are so many words to describe the experience and the adventures I have had here at SACH. But let me share a few stories with you so you can see how spectacular SACH is. When I first arrived the children welcomed me with warm arms. They let me play with them even though most of them have limited English. The most unique part is that even though verbal communication may be difficult, but if you can play you can communicate. I have developed some unforgettable relationships with these children and have even learned about their culture. For example, as naïve as I may have been I was unfamiliar with the language of Swahili and wasn’t even aware that was a language. Now I know key words and can communicate with some of the children. These kids have melted my heart in so many ways.

I follow Save A Child’s Heart on Facebook and read the updates. I also have been posting about the children on my Facebook page to help promote awareness of SACH and all the mind blowing work they do here. I have also learned how much SACH does other than provide heart surgeries for developing countries. They do medical missions as well as train other surgeons so they can treat children in their home country. I have been wondering if the United States could ever do anything like this and my thoughts have led to no. However, Israel is the perfect country for this organization and I continue to look forward to see what else SACH has in store!


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  1. arthur wolfe says:

    you are teriffic


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