Rachael Wolfe

As I left the SACH house today it was a bittersweet goodbye.  I knew my time had ended but saying goodbye to the kids was emotional.  The relationships and connections that I have formed is beyond surreal and indescribable.  The blessing of having some of the moms invite me to their countries to come visit, touched my heart.  Not only did I realize that these children are special but they are just typical kids who crave school and want to learn and have fun.  This one sweet little two year old boy from Tanzania will never be forgotten.  My heart aches thinking about him and all I wanted was for this sweet little boy to smile.  As my last day approached, Muqadam and I listened to music.  Although he is partially blind AND partially paralyzed AND has trachea issues AND had open heart surgery AND had a stroke AND had been in a coma for three weeks, he danced today holding my phone to his ear.  I left the house knowing he smiled for the first time in awhile.  His little body moving up and down and side to side is engrained in my memory.

Another favorite memory at the SACH house was taking the older kids to the park during “rest” time.  I have never seen some of these kids smile the way they did that day.  One sixteen year old boy from Tanzania and I (and others) were on a spin like piece of playground equipment.  Even though I thought I was going to get sick, he was spinning it so quickly, the smile that spread across his face was all I needed.  So today as I left I will take the memories with me wherever I go.  Not only are the children wonderful, but the people that I have met in the house are incredibly inspiring people. Yes, the staff of course are amazing, but the other volunteers and interns have enriched my experience.  Meeting new people and learning about cultures from the children and other volunteers is one of most unique parts of the house.  As sad as I was to say goodbye today, I know that the memories will last a lifetime and I will continue to keep in touch with SACH to hear more incredible stories.  Hopefully I’ll be able to come back and volunteer again in the future


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