Lindsey Stone

When I was a little girl my parents taught me the importance of helping others. I always had the need to do something for others and make a difference in the world. This year in February I was trying to think of something that my organization on campus, Christians United for Israel could do. I heard about Save a Child’s Heart and all that they do for so many people while expecting nothing in return. I knew immediately that this was an organization that I wanted to help. With the help of my CUFI team I was able to get in contact with people from Save a Child’s Heart and learn how CUFI can raise money for this organization.

I heard about the “Give your Heart out Campaign” and from there started thinking of ways to raise money. My group and I created colorful candy bags with ribbons, and hearts attached to them that had descriptions about what Save a Child’s Heart does. Marissa Rosenfeld was the person that I was in constant contact with from SACH. She sent me photos of the children that had been treated from SACH in 2015-2016. What I decided to do was make a poster board with all the kids’ faces that had been treated and put that on our table while passing out the bags. So many students came up to the table and asked about what SACH was. My group and I were happy to educate them on it and pass out free candy bags to the students as well. We had a donations box and many students donated to SACH. I also had fliers on the tables with a step by step process of how they could do their own fundraisers for SACH or donate online. A week later my CUFI group and I decided to also spreads awareness of SACH at our church, so we went to an evening service, set up our table, and passed out lollipops. At this event we were able to also collect more donations for Save a Child’s Heart. From the two days that we collected donations we had a total of $275. This was sent to SACH soon after the events.

Collecting donations for SACH and spreading awareness truly impacted me. My group and I feel like we did something for an amazing cause. In the process of these events, I myself learned a lot about SACH and hope to one day go to Israel and see it for myself. All of the doctors, assistants, and people that donate for SACH truly have hearts of gold. If you would like to know how you can be a part of this great cause, then look into SACH and the fundraising page. This year at the 2016 Christians United for Israel Summit, SACH will be introducing a major fundraising effort. I will be attending this event. I am looking forward to have more events that help raise money and spread awareness for Save a Child’s Heart.


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