Kanchi Ganatra

My week at SaCH was fun filled and rewarding in a multitude of ways, starting from watching the kids smile and play in the early morning sunshine to the afternoon lunch chit-chat with the mums to just seriously working in the back office with Merlyn and Zach sipping on some hot coffee.

I had never before seen or heard or even remotely been acquainted with the kind of setup on which the SaCH house runs. The whole idea of caring for, helping and supporting these wonderful little souls and giving them the gift of LIFE, in my opinion is a very unique idea and to be a participant in this thought was a fulfilling experience for me.

Coming from a substantially different life setting in India, I was pretty much awestruck at how much beauty, warmth and love this country has to offer and the SaCH house is a perfect reflection of all this goodness.

For me, this initiative of Dr. Ami will be an unfading example of hope for humanity, of feeling of love unfettered by borders and politics, of determined goodwill and of altruism and nobility.

The way the organization looks after the smallest needs of the kids and their families and the way they are not just pulled out of a certain reality and pasted in an unfamiliar lifestyle is amazing. The thought and the efforts people like Jessica, Brianna, Rachel and Laura put in making the patients and their dear ones feel at-home are beyond commendable.

I am sure the kids at the organisation feel just as blessed to live at the SaCH house as I did to have worked there and added value to others lives.

May this effort gain recognition, spread more positivity and be a guiding light to many more such care missions.

In Hindi, SaCH means the Truth and the national motto of India ‘Satyameva Jayate’ translated in English is ‘Truth alone triumphs’ I hope in the same spirit that SaCH continues to WIN and SAVE hearts full of love!


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