Karni Baker

Being a full-time volunteer at SACH was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. It was the most special experience I’ve ever had, with or without the children here. At first, coming here was extremely nerve racking; being out of my comfort zone and not really having a clue what I’d be in for. Now I am dreading to say goodbye.

I’ve never seen children so happy in one place that they barely have a chance leave. These kids are like my little brothers and sisters; I care so much for them and find it hard to believe that I very well may not ever see them again. They make me happy every single day – just by playing Uno with them for hours, dancing to music, trying to get them out of the playroom, running around to keep them calm or to sit for kula time. These are all the little things that I’m truly going to miss.

It is so easy to forget that these children are sick while in the house because they are so happy when they are playing. Going to the hospital for a visit was when it hit me and reminded me why I am really here and what I am actually doing. Seeing the children in their hospital beds, recovering from surgery, motivated me even more and my passion for this organization, and the children, grew.


One of the most amazing and special aspects about this place is that everyone comes from different places and backgrounds but form into one big family here – no matter about colour, religion, gender, language, age. The staff, nurses, mothers, children, volunteers and visitors and all their individual/group relationships are what makes this place a very happy one.

This place and experience is not one of those things that I can just leave and do nothing about – when I get home to Australia, I’m going to put my heart and soul into improving this organization for the long term and for the lives of these special people. I will never ever ever forget my time at Save a Child’s Heart, these children will never leave my life and I am proud to forever be a part of the SACH family. 



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