Frieda Zeitoune

My name is Frieda from Brooklyn, NY. I am one of four sisters and always longed for a brother.
Here at SACH, I have so many of them. I haven’t been here very long, but the bonds that were formed are stronger than just friendships.

At first, I assumed my position as a full-time volunteer would be looking after kids and chasing them around. However, when I got here, I noticed something entirely different. The kids looked after each other, like a true family. They stand up for one another and protect each other. Shortly after arriving, they welcomed me into their family. It seemed almost automatic because they do it so often at the SACH House.

However, as more people come, more go home too. During my stay, Yaqob (a 2-year-old from Afghanistan) fully recovered and was ready to return back to his home. I was ambivalent about his departure. Of course I was happy to see him healthy, but I was sad to see one of my brothers go. Additionally, as he was leaving, five more kids arrived from Gambia and one from Romania. That’s when I realized that Yaqob wasn’t leaving our family nor was it shrinking, SACH is continuously expanding.

As a full time volunteer at Save A Child’s Heart, I am able to witness and be a part of something nobody else can experience. I see the kids and their moms first thing in the morning and am the last they see before bed. My relationship with these kids is special.

As I conclude my week tomorrow, I can say that I have family all over the world. Between my fellow volunteers and the kids here, SACH gave me memories and experiences that I will always have with me. I hope to be back soon.


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