Rotem Fellus

My first day at Save a Child’s Heart was unforgettable in many levels. The visual impression is that of a place that is not associated with sickness or pain. There are colours all around, small children running about, playing, and moms talking and laughing. So when I entered the SACH building for the first time, I really didn’t know what to expect. This is my first time coming to Israel to volunteer and I was curious to see what this place, that I hear so much about, and fundraise for, is really like. I knew that SACH was going to be an amazing experience. I didn’t really know how much though. The realm of colourful personalities, friendships, and backgrounds is just extraordinary.

Rotem and Jim (Kenya)

This is a place of kids full of love, life, and energy that is so uplifting in many levels. The kids simply make you feel so energized with their smiles, hugs, and laughter. Being here, every day is not only about playing with the kids, holding the adorable babies, and talking to the older children. It is also about understanding what these children are going through, and about all the while being a part of the greater constant support system for all of them. A constant thought here for me is how brave these kids are for going thousands of kilometres away from their familiar surroundings, their friends, and their family to get a heart surgery in a foreign country, with foreign language, and foreign customs.

Rotem and George (Tanzania)

Just the fact that these young kids do this huge thing at such a young age is inspiring. Even though these kids are sick, sometimes I forget that they’re sick just because they really don’t act like it. In addition to their running about, they have the best sense of humour as well as a free independent spirit that needs our support from time to time. The best part of volunteering here is building the friendships and unique personal connection with each and every one of the kids here at SACH.


Ephram and Jim with volunteer Rotem and visitors .JPG

Seeing how much they love the activities we do and the games we play with them is so motivational that the only thing I want to do is simply give them all my support and love. Even though I’ve been here a little over a week, I can’t imagine not seeing these kids every day. I am so happy to have had this unforgettable experience and am very thankful for the opportunity.


Rotem is almost at her goal and YOU can help her reach it! For more information on full-time volunteering, check out our website.


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