Ezra Schneier

It was my first day at Save a Child’s Heart. As I stepped through the gate, thoughts swirled around in my head. How can I connect with these kids from the other side of the world, when we don’t even speak the same language?! Will the kids like me? How can I relate to them, and them to me?

Eliana Rohr

Some people are lucky enough to experience a place like no other. A place where the importance of words is exchanged for the power of friendship. Where people pay in kindness and smiles instead of money. Where education is fun and rewarding. Where love is larger than life.

Gabriella Malamud

The irony of SACH is that while these kids’ hearts need to be physically fixed with surgery, the love and joy that these kids generate is simply amazing. In this regard, their hearts are perfect.

Roey Reiss

As a second year medical student on winter break, I had the privilege of traveling to Israel for a two week medical internship with SACH. Having just finished my cardiology unit, I was excited to see real world cases of the pathology I had just studied, all while being involved in a great organization. I…