Tamara Peterman

There are a ton of things I miss about being at the SACH house but I think the thing I miss the most is the feeling of the little hugs and tugs I would be greeted with every morning I would walk through the gate and the  “no goodbye!!” s and blow kisses when it was time for me to leave. From January to March 2020 I was given the greatest opportunity in the world – I got to play, sing, dance and laugh with the most incredible children and babies who, from their giant smiles and endless laughing, you wouldn’t believe had any cardiac defects at all. 


I heard about Save a Child’s Heart through my summer camp and friends who have volunteered at the SACH house in the past. As an intern I knew that I would be spending a lot of time in the SACH house with children from countries around the world but I did not know that I would also be spending time at Wolfson Hospital creating relationships with children and families from Gaza and the West Bank through SACH’s Palestinian clinic.  

As a nursing student I am used to my role in hospitals being  fast paced and clinically focused. As an intern through SACH, I was given the opportunity to focus on making the Palestnian patients and families comfortable and listen to and record their stories for SACH’s patient profiles. I will never forget the nervous faces of the children instantly smiling once they were greeted with toys and art supplies as they entered the clinic, or the stories of how these mothers, father, grandparents persevered as their children were suffering with their heart condition. And I will never forget the conversations I had with these families who were deeply grateful that their child is being treated in Israel without cost.

Every day I spent interning at Save a Child’s Heart strengthened my love of living  in Israel, my knowledge of global health and appreciation of pediatric nursing. Thank you so much for everyone at SACH you all taught me so much! 


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