Tamara Peterman

There are a ton of things I miss about being at the SACH house but I think the thing I miss the most is the feeling of the little hugs and tugs I would be greeted with every morning I would walk through the gate and the  “no goodbye!!” s and blow kisses when it…

Ariel Taichman-Robins

I learned about Save a Child’s Heart in high school, and since then, I had been hoping for the opportunity to work there. I have always loved working with children, but when I heard there was a non-profit organization that gives lifesaving heart procedures to children from developing countries, I knew that was something I…

Leia Serlin

Walking into the SACH house was an experience I will never forget. I was immediately greeted with a hug by a girl (who I would later learn is Delice from Rwanda) as well as waves and excited shouts from many other children who, although I did not know it then, would forever change my life….

Katherine Hendley

I think I read somewhere down a LinkedIn-sponsored clickhole that men will apply for a desired position if they meet ~60-70% of the listed requirements for the job, whereas women will only apply if they meet 100% of the listed requirements. With this statistic in mind, I applied for the medical internship at Save-a-Child’s Heart….

Gabriela Martinez

I am still digesting my experience at SACH, but I will attempt to describe my two-week medical internship in a concise post. The first thing I heard was laughter as I walked through the gates and into a bustling scene at the Children’s Home. Once inside, I was met by a smiling Delice who invited…

Isabel Kennedy

In 2015, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Save A Child’s Heart with my summer camp and learn about the organization, as well as volunteer with the children for a day. The second I walked out of the welcome gates that afternoon, I texted my parents and told them that no…

Lorna Cowan – Medical Intern

Medical Intern from 14/07/19 to 08/08/19 Having just completed my third year of medicine at the University of Glasgow, my internship with Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) would be both my first encounter with paediatrics and my first time in Israel. I had been advised by an older student that paediatrics was like learning medicine…

Zoe Kress

Deciding to apply for a full-time volunteer position at SACH one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was mid-January and I was in my second semester of graduate school, already dreaming of summer vacation. I knew this was going to be my last “real” summer- you know, the one before you have commitments…

Melody Aheto

In a world full of violence, chaos and political despair, Save a Child’s Heart is an organisation which I believe is restoring the faith and hope in the kindness and goodwill of humanity. Save a child’s heart (SACH) is an Israeli-based NGO that provides life-saving cardiac surgeries totally free of charge for children from less…

Jack Cole

Save a Child’s Heart in Israel became my home and home is definitely where the heart is.

Darren Sacks

My name is Darren Sacks – I’m a typical 19-year-old from Australia. I volunteered four mornings a week with SACH over four months via my Israel program (Aardvark) and it was the single best decision of my life.

Ezra Schneier

It was my first day at Save a Child’s Heart. As I stepped through the gate, thoughts swirled around in my head. How can I connect with these kids from the other side of the world, when we don’t even speak the same language?! Will the kids like me? How can I relate to them, and them to me?